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Inherent Value Psychology INC (IVP) is a Bay Area based corporation that is engaged in providing speaking engagements, consultation, and therapy to inspire action toward the discovery and utilization of your inherent value. IVP seeks to redefine success as nurturing the unconditional self in order to flourish in all domains of life.

My husband and I founded Inherent Value Psychology Inc. (IVP) on the unwavering belief that every human life has worth. Unfortunately, most people do not live from this fundamental truth. IVP affirms that nurturing your unconditional self is the most important work in life. We acknowledge that life is rough and that many people live under tremendous pressure to perform, and produce. Our logo design for Inherent Value Psychology embeds a diamond shape in the center of a person to remind us that our worth comes from within and is in unconditional. Thus, We’re All Diamonds in the Rough.

IVP made its debut on the TEDx stage in September of 2018. The TED Talk: Enough is Enough: The Power of Your Inherent Value, presented to the world that the ability to be self-valuing is a psychologically healthier and more successful way to live. However, our society grooms us to have a conditional stance toward others and ourselves. Self-worth that is based on conditions results in a dead-end path of “waging worth wars” and competing with one another for affection, and attention. The work of IVP is enlightening individuals and organizations to own and then harness the value of each person.

So far, Inherent Value Psychology has traveled nationwide and internationally providing workshops, trainings, and keynotes. IVP has spoken at The Fund II Foundation Cradle to Greatness and The University of Toronto.

IVP has provided hundreds of individual and couples counseling sessions. Group programing launched in 2020 offering the gift of joint healing. Group topics focus on relevant issues to the Silicon Valley working professional including: Perfectionism, Burnout, and Anxiety.

and we’ve only just begun!

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