As an expert on human behavior, it is a joy of mine to offer consulting services to businesses, start-ups, organizations, Universities, and students on how best to use principles of psychological science to advance your vision, improve your operations and meet your goals.

Services Include

Diversity, Equity and Inclusion education to teams, managers and employees

Behavioral considerations for App conception

Creating more inclusive work environments, offices and classrooms

Responding to distress in your department or company

Fostering morale in team and work settings

Consulting Work

Incorporate a Culturally Competent Mental Health and Wellness Curriculum into the existing STEM Scholars Program


  • Lead a Table Talk Discussion on Emotional Health at the 3rd Annual Cradle to Greatness Summit
  • Constructed assessments to gather a baseline data for wellness curriculum development
  • Development and delivery of a two part webinar series for graduating class of senior STEM scholars
  • Co-hosting and program development for large scale Mental Health Panel

Learn psychological principles to inform technological advancements to the therapy process.


  • Delivered expert insight into evidence base treatment for anxiety disorders
  • Illustrated a step-by-step sample CBT treatment protocol
  • Provided psychoeducation on Exposure Therapy
  • Offered insight on how Virtual Reality can be an adjunct to the counseling process

Mental Health sensitivity training for financial coaches


  • Provided psychoeducation on social class and mental health.
  • Presented a model of financial wellness as access to opportunity
  • Advised coaching modifications across the SES spectrum including for first-generation, low-income Stanford students.
  • Guided financial coaches in a reflection of their own social class background and how it will influence their coaching.

Strategic thought partner with insights in wellness and black community health.


  • Supervision on the conception of a mental wellness app for the black community.
  • Provided psychoeducation on domains of wellness
  • Guidance on anti-bullying and best practice for app user engagement.
  • Feedback on data collection and research methodology.
  • Pitch practice for investor presentations.


Emma Humphris

Meag-gan is an insightful leader. She has great energy with nuance and expertise in her field!

Emma Humphris
Organizer Equal Playing Field
Paul Watkins

Meag-gan is incredibly skilled at combining empathy with strategy. She combines thoughtfulness and dedication into consulting.

Paul Watkins
Co-Founder of Ayce Labs & Moyano
Kelly Takahashi

Meag-gan’s expert guidance is clear and actionable.

Kelly Takahashi
Director, Financial Literacy Program & Student Financial Services Stanford University


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