Mary Mendoza-Newman, Ph.D.

Meag-gan has well-developed assessment, conceptualization, and intervention skills. She incorporates theory and evidence-based interventions as well as developmental and multicultural variables into her treatment.

Senior Psychology Training Director Stanford University
Professor Bryan M. Gaensler, Ph.D.

Dr O’Reilly had an electrifying effect on our students and postdocs. Her workshop left them motivated, inspired and focused.

FAA Director, Dunlap Institute for Astronomy and Astrophysics & Canada Research Chair in Radio Astronomy, The University of Toronto
Claytie Davis III, Ph.D.

Dr. O’Reilly is able to speak truth to power. Her training at the University of California, Berkeley helped increase the cultural competence of our staff by tapping into our intellectual AND emotional selves.”

ABPP Director of Training & Counseling & Psychological Services, University of California, Berkeley
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